Quality issues & processes

Audits und Beratung

You want …

  • a functioning QM, but there are always problems?
  • the will to eliminate existing weaknesses and waste, but do not know exactly how?
  • do you always have difficulties with your QM documentation?
  • suitable staff who are not really willing or able to take on their assigned QM tasks?
  • but somehow they are not as meaningful as desired?

Advantages of targeted QM consulting

  • Process optimizations for more complex processes
  • The knowledge of where potentials/synergies can be leveraged
  • Waste minimization throughout the plant
  • Higher added value due to lower (unit) costs
  • Controlled company processes (among other things through key figures)
  • Complexity is structured in a meaningful and manageable way
  • Better control possibility of the operating processes
  • Less production downtime and problems
  • Production/service at a permanently high quality level
  • More free financial resources for other upcoming investments
  • Lower insurance premiums through legally compliant (risk) documentation

Do you have any questions?

My expertise for you:

I audit your operations and optimise operational processes.

  • I identify gaps in the process chains and we then work to optimise the processes.
  • I uncover waste potential for cost reductions for you
  • I can create functioning procedural instructions and work instructions for you on request.
  • I supported the project organisation and controlling with meaningful key figures that work
  • I will be happy to advise you on the introduction of ISO 9001 (QMS–>Quality Management System).
  • I will be happy to carry out the regular internal audits for you and prepare target-oriented reports.
  • I can also act for you as an external management system representative for ISO 9001 (QMB)