Good cooperation at eye level

What is particularly important in your cooperation with an external auditor and consultant? It is a respectful cooperation at eye level and a lot of confidence. What my clients appreciate is precisely this trust: I develop very service oriented only really feasible solutions together with your needs. Service orientation and respect are of course lived values for me. I now do look back to 28 years of professional experience in different areas, the optimisation of processes always in my sight. My prof. background is engineering in SME’s but I also experienced 13 years as a technical economist in a world wide group. So I do know the problems and hardships from both “worlds”.

I work as an auditor+consultant for all organisations, preferably for SME’s. Main fields are quality management and assurance incl. review of management systems, environmental protection solutions, lean+effective processes and data protection. Here I can offer you internal audits and consulting with lasting experience. I do look at myself as a service-oriented problem solver. The result: Even for SMBs my advice results in a measurable optimisation with tangible (financial) added value. A small investment that redeems itself quickly.

And if you are looking for (certification) audits, as an external 3rd party lead auditor I work with 3 accredited certification bodies, also internationally. They are based in Bonn, Berlin and in Mönchengladbach. I am certified for ISO 9001/14001/50001 and as well an IRCA certified lead auditor for ISO 27001 (ISMS). Otherwise I offer you auditing services in all at Why audits” mentioned areas.

Simply use the contact form for your questions. After that you will know how my knowledge is helpful for you.

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