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How you not only optimise your processes with audits and consulting

Even small and medium businesses today need to consider extensive regulations. This to be legally secure and to ensure their efficiency. This especially in the fields of environmental protection and energy management and also to control the own processes safely. A risk management of your processes is more important than ever! If you cannot answer immediately 'yes' to one or more of these questions, I can do much for you and your business as a certified lead auditor and consultant.

Detlef Volke


  • Is your operation really safe in regulations relating to environmental protection?
  • Have you generated a current legal register in which the rules are clearly merged and which is regularly maintained?
  • Do you have your extensive requirements of environmental management under control (in order to avoid fines)?


  • Do your systems and processes run optimally, so that security and maximum value are sustainably ensured? Do you have a (well-functioning) QM-System?
  • Is your quality assurance consistently satisfactory, in terms of high customer satisfaction without complaints?
  • Are the tasks in your operation optimally distributed so that reactive energy is avoided? Is the best possible processing throughput in place?


  • Have you cost-optimized all energy sources and their use in the operation?
  • Have you already checked whether there are reasonable alternatives to existing energy inputs (for better business value and what this means for your savings)?
  • Do you have checked whether there can be refunds of the "energy tax" for the company?


  • Did you check the crucial requirements of the GDPR yet?
  • What about the important risks relating to your IT environment - all checked and done?

As an ISO certified auditor and consultant for management systems (quality, environment, energy, information security) I'll help you to identify weaknesses in your processes, evaluate and eliminate them. My expertise is beyond consulting for a pure ISO certification! Your advantages are obvious, such as these:

⇒  Legally binding documentation reduces  insurance premiums (risk-management)

⇒ Tangible competitive advantages through future-proof Resource Management

⇒ Accessible knowledge of your business processes efficiency at any time

⇒ Increased added value and minimised waste through systematic optimisation of your business processes

⇒ Advantage over your competitors by efficient management and working with key figures

⇒ Customer and employee satisfaction through optimal functioning business processes

⇒ Legal certainty by a legal register for Environmental and Energy Law, also data protection

Gain an impression of my expertise and my 25 years accumulated know-how. Call me for a free telephone or skype interview. In it, we determine together in which way my expertises can help you. Tel .: +49.173-2993300 or send an email to: