Expect great added value

Particularly important is the individually tailored advice and support to your needs. We do for you only what is really needed - and of course more if you wish/if desired.
Whether you need only the clarification of facts to an authority or you want a complete package, our services are always modular and always as individual as your needs. In these areas, we support you actively and with measurable added value for your company's success:



Environmental protection

-Support in allocation of environmental law issues and creation of a legal cadastre

-Review of an existing legal cadastre and documentation (determining which environmental legislation
rules to your business and monitor changes in environmental legislation, risk management)

- Compliance management to ensure a legal certainty operation

-Act as external corporate environmental officer

-Assume the function of the waste manager relating to §59 KrWG/§9,2 AbfBeauftrV

-Conceptual disposal optimisation and cost reduction

-Support in implementation of approval procedures

-Internal and external (official) communication

-Project organisation and -controlling with meaningful indicators

-Process optimisation through auditing existing processes

-Training on various environmental issues

-Consulting for introducing ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

-External System Management Representative for ISO 14001

Quality issues

-Consideration of operations and optimisation of business processes

-Finding gaps in the process chains and show improvements

-Uncovering wasted potential for cost reductions

-Process optimisation through auditing existing processes

-Project organisation and controlling with meaningful indicators

-Education / Training for Quality Management

-Consulting for introducing ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

-External System Management Representative for ISO 9001

Energy management

-Optimisation of energy consumption and thus cost reduction

-Creating an operational CO2 balance

-Training for energy-efficient operation in all company ranges

-Consulting for introducing ISO 50001 (Energy Management System)

Financial controlling

-Realistic budgeting and establishment of cost centers

-Budgeting and tracking of expenses and investments

-Structured setting the overview of revenues and expenditures

InformationSecurityManagement / Data Protection

-Internal auditor for your preparation of the 3rd party audit acc. to ISO 27001

-Consulting for implementation of European GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)