My certificates and diplomas

My continuing education benefits your operation’s results. Subsequently this page grows continuously.
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Some important advantages for a goal-oriented, specific consultancy are:

  • Legal security (Environmental Management)
  • Process optimisation (Quality- and Energy Management)
  • Minimisation of dissipation in the whole operation
  • Higher added value by lower costs
  • Customisable services
  • Controlled business processes (e.g. by key figures)
  • Knowledge where to find potentials/synergies
  • Complexity gets usefully structured
  • Improved steering of operational processes
  • Reduced lost output and less production problems
  • Production at a permanently high quality level
  • Feel-good factor through decision certainty
  • CO2-emission savings by energetic optimisation
  • Higher employee contentment due to well functioning processes
  • More financial means available for other useful investments
  • Reduction of insurance premiums through compliant (risk-) documentation

DGQ Auditor Energy


Technical Economist

Prüfungszeugnis Detlef Volke

Data Protection Officer


Works Coordinator for Waste

Teilnahmebescheinigung Detlef Volke

DGQ Auditor Environment


Waste Management Officer

Teilnahmebescheinigung Detlef Volke

Revisions 9001+14001:2015

Zertifikat Detlef Volke

Six Sigma DMAIC Yellow Belt

Weiterbildung Detlef Volke

Lead Auditor ISO 50001

Lead Auditor ISO 14001

ISO 50000 series standards

Teilnahmebescheinigung Detlef Volke

Lead Auditor ISO 9001

Lead Auditor ISO 27001

Zertifikat Detlef Volke

ISACA Course